Michael is an actor/singer/dancer currently immersed in the world of Musical Theater, pursuing his BFA at the esteemed University of Michigan. Hailing from Buffalo, Minnesota, his journey into performance began in community theater. Perhaps his most notable achievement, he earned the role of Tiny Tim three consecutive years.

Venturing further into the craft, Michael spent transformative summers at the Teenage Drama Workshop at California State University, shaping his understanding of acting's foundational principles. His passion led him to The Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School, where he refined his skills and explored the depths of his artistic range.

Now in college, Michael delves deeper into the essence of art, discovering his unique connection to each character he embodies. His evolving journey is fueled by curiosity and a thirst for understanding, eagerly embracing whatever unexpected avenues lie ahead. With each step, he brings authenticity and dedication, poised to leave an indelible mark on the stage and beyond. His journey has only just begun and he is very excited to embark on whatever path he stumbles ass-backwards into next.